A Word to the Church in the Hudson Valley

Prophecy from Renew at Lake Katrine – May 15, 2021

It’s time to be doing and engaged in the Father’s business. It’s time to be praying and meeting together, going out into the world and spreading the gospel, good news. It’s time to till up the soil and plant the seeds. It’s time to come out of your seclusion and do what the apostles did in the book of acts and the rest of the New Testament. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and come into my will. It’s time for a new thing to spring forth in the Hudson Valley! It’s time for growth.

It’s not time to sit back after you just have enjoyed a meeting that inspired you. It’s not time to keep the presence of the Holy Spirit locked up within you. It’s not time to hold back but it’s time to reveal. It’s time for the plant to show growth. It’s time for the tree to show fourth leaves. It’s time for you to produce fruit! It’s time for my people to get out there into the Public Square and announce the good news!Not only through large gatherings, though that is a goal, but through daily meeting and daily witnessing and daily proclaiming in your daily life to those around you. Go out two by two and in small groups as my disciples did. Really study what they did in the book of acts and the rest of the New Testament and replicate what you see the Holy Spirit doing there and speaking into your heart and into your church and into your kingdom of God that is in your city.

It’s time for bold faith and it’s time for faith to be coupled with action. Listen to my Holy Spirit so that you can know what that action is to be. Put on the full armor of God so you can go out into the darkness. Claim the land for your kingdom. Organize prayer walks once again. Take back what the enemy has stolen.Don’t have fewer meetings, have more meetings. Invite the fathers around you and those who you speak to throughout the day. Listen to my voice so I can show you who is ready to hear the word. Go out two by two sowing seed and bringing forth fruit.

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